4 Best Ways to Boost Your PC Performance After Installing Antivirus

Back in 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10 through a free-update program for owners of computers with licensed copies of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. This strategy was used as an attempt to force the rapid adoption of the new OS. While the results were pretty positive, not every user promptly jumped in the Windows 10 bandwagon. By default, Windows tracks your activity history. If using a 32bit (x86) Windows system, install the 32bit (x86) version. Select hal.dll is missing from your computer Colors on the left side of the Settings window, scroll down until you see the Transparency Effects option and turn it off. We fixed an issue where the Search box in the taskbar was no longer dark when dark mode was enabled. This will let you change times and priority levels for when you do and don’t want notifications enabled, be it during a more specific time or even when you’re playing a game.

Should the Windows Update channel repeatedly offer you or install a problematic driver automatically, use the WUShowHide.diagcab tool from Microsoft. Below this, you’ll either see ‘Local account’ or, if you’re using a Microsoft account, the email address linked to your account. This may occur after upgrade, restart, or settings changes. Beginning with the upgrade of Windows 10, the login screen features the blurred transparency layout contained in the taskbar, Start Menu and elsewhere.

Tick this option and click OK. In the separate message box that appears asking if you’re certain you want to send this, click Delete Files, and you’re done. Scroll down to Pause updates.” Here, you can select a date to pause updates until. High Performance may just run your CPU at a higher clock speed for longer, which would generate more heat and almost everyone, the best advice is just to forget that power plans exist.

The temporary files only exist during the execution of the application or the task. Note: Updates from a service other than an intranet Microsoft update service must always be signed by Microsoft and are not affected by this policy setting. One of the types of files that you might run across is thedll file. Step 4: Double-tap on the ‘Do not include drivers with Windows Update policy’ shown on the right side. Here is a full config you can have a look at, with all the settings enabled.

As a result, if a system is configured to use an SO-level server and a customer-level WSUS server is added, N-central will automatically reconfigure the devices to use the customer-level server. The Rotation lock feature is not available when using the computer in desktop mode. Less Usability: If you’re buying a 2-in-1 convertible device , then there won’t be an issue but, if you’re buying a traditional clamshell laptop with touchscreen, then there could be a few usability issues.

This is what Google has been doing for years when you visit Google properties using a Microsoft browser ( even one built on Chromium ) and it’s not that different from Apple wanting to keep customers entirely in its ecosystem, so maybe it’s unfair to criticise Microsoft for doing the same when the issues with legacy Edge are more about web developers not supporting it than any inherent issues with the browser – even if it does seem to contradict its product principles.

You can use Group Policy settings or mobile device management (MDM) to configure the behavior of Windows Update (WU) on your Windows 10 devices. Choose this option if you want Windows to go to Windows Update and download and install a driver whenever a new device is detected or when an updated driver is found for hardware on your PC. All domain joined systems should be set up to use your local Windows DNS server.

OS uninstall period:The OS uninstall period is a length of time that users are given when they can optionally roll back a Windows 10 update. Step 2: In the System Properties window, click on the Hardware tab. It does not have many configurable settings exposed in the GUI to tweak its behavior but there are some hidden secret Registry settings which you can fine-tune. Moreover, you are likely to get hit with multiple DLL file error at the same time and in that case downloading and pasting individual files can be time-consuming.

When we compared the Spin 5 to other touchscreen laptops within the same price range, the Spin 5 crushed the competition when it comes to performance, display quality and port offerings – this Acer laptop has a whopping 8 ports to serve all your peripheral and data transfer needs. We fixed an issue where the value in Narrator Settings Change the level of detail Narrator provides about text and control” might be empty.