Big Kid Stuff – by Anon – this will be a time that is first tale that requires teens plus some incest. (mm-teens, inc, first, dental, anal)

Big Kid Stuff – by Anon – this will be a time that is first tale that requires teens plus some incest. (mm-teens, inc, first, dental, anal)

BFFs – by ljdoofus75 – this will be tale about close friends becoming better friends. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast, dental, anal, cooking cooking pot)

Bi Biker Gangbang – by Donald Elliott – impotence problems may be a genuine issue at an orgy. (MMF, bi, dental, orgy)

Bi Friends – by 99PercentStraight – Two right guys whom grew up because neighbor that is wildly bi hook up for a marriage reception additionally the inescapable! A story that is true and recently real, at that! (MM-teens)

Bi Friends – by Rodger Pepper – Literally a coming of age reminiscence. A 1970s summer time camp, where bi intercourse play among right young ones ended up being the ongoing excitement sport of preference. (m+teens, fmm, 1st, bi, self-oral)

Bi Friends, By Accident? By Design? – by 99PercentStraight – Bryn Mawr. U of P. Punk Rock and Brand New Wave. Straight Back when you look at the 80s, my Indian girlfriend organizes a style test together with her child relative, to far see just how we’ll go. (MF/m, BI, rom, inc, dental)

Bi Threesomes – by Bigby Stories – A married girl spends the night time with another few; then invites her husband for the threesome. (MMF, intr, spouse, move)

Big Brother Is most useful – by EnlightenedAneurysm – Thomas and Dean are brothers. Thomas is 19 and Dean is 15, however they’ve been sex that is having the very last 5 years. As constantly they should watch for dad and mum to visit sleep. (Mm, teenagers, inc, oral, anal, rom)

Big Dare, The – by Wonder Boy – Being drawn to your closest friend intimately may be difficult if you are both men additionally the 12 months is 1969. (mm-teens, 1st-gay-expr, oral, huml)

Big Game – by Ed Rider – Vernon gets caught away cheating on his gf Selma. Selma along with her buddies develop a punishment for him which he’ll always remember. (MM, forced, 1st-gay-exp, fisting, huml)

Big Kid Stuff – by Anon – this will be a first-time homosexual tale which involves teens plus some incest. (mm-teens, inc, first, dental, anal)

Biker Slave – by hammerhead8950 – A bisexual guy willingly becomes an intercourse slave and prostitute for the girl he loves. (MM-bi, MF, dental, anal, bd, orgy, tg, intr, rom) component 2

Bill – by Anon – Bill get’s seduced into sex with another man. (MM)

Bill-The-Traitor Dot Com – by Sirbosk1 – Bill, a gambling addict, attempts to cheat their close friends, their construction that is former crew and gets caught. They punish him and simply just simply take their revenge by intimately embarrassing him publicly. Their bookie and their many essential customer, a homosexual guy and president of a personal BDSM club, discover asiancammodels live cam Bill’s dilemma and make the most. Wanting to straight back away from their solutions to your ruthless customer and bookie, he attempts to blackmail their family members and so they fix Bill’s issue, forever. (MM, nc, v, 1st, dental, anal, exh, tor, bd, blkmail, cast)

Billy’s Thanksgiving Treat – by Josh – A virgin university student with key homosexual urges chooses to decide to try one thing new and treats himself up to a ‘massage’ over thanksgiving vacation. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, dental, anal)

Bi-Lovin – by CR4UBI – This threesome my goal is to inform you of had the seeds sown years that are many. (MMF, bi, anal, 1st-expr)

Birth Of A Cocksucker – by M. Bernard – a higher college kid’s first experience cock drawing proves become their normal skill and life calling. (MM+/m-teen, exh, 1st-gay-expr, dental, glory)

Birthday man, The – by Tinman – a new girl responded my advertisement in a swingers magazine, however with a unique demand: her boyfriend desired to have intercourse with another guy the very first time on his upcoming birthday. It ended up being an evening that is exciting. (MMF, MM, 1st-bi-expr, oral, anal)

Birthday celebration – by Sweetmeat – My parents give me personally a birthday celebration and introduce me personally to my very first enthusiast, a guy my dad works together. (MM/M-teen, 1st-gay-expr, dom, mast, dental, anal)

Birthday Rape – by Anon – an university student computer geek gets a surprise that is real present from their cousin along with his sibling’s buddies. (M+/m, rp, inc)

Bisexual Chronicles – by Samuel Xavier – Jack is a man that is openly bisexual business America. His homophobic and closeted boss fires him. Their longtime buddy Nicole comforts him like just she understands exactly just exactly how. (MMF, rom, bi)

Bisexual In university – by Jason Hunter – My very first experience that is bi-sexual within my 2nd semester of my freshman year in college. I’d been Pam that is dating for months so we enjoyed numerous evenings fucking one another. About this night that is particular chose to head to her dorm space. (MF, FF, MM, 1st-bi-experience)

Bisexual Porn Actor – by Stefan Volcy – A handsome guy agrees to complete a porn film that is bi-sexual. The handsome hunks and gorgeous women associated with the cast attempt to test his intimate capabilities. (MF, exh, bi, group)